Are you a coach struggling to convert your list of lower-ticket customers to enroll in your premium $1.5k+ offers?

Give Me 14 Days, I'll Do All The Work To Create A 5-Figure Cash Windfall For You

I'll 100% fund and manage the "Profit Rescuer Campaign" for you.

Afterwards, you just pay me a % of each sale I bring you.


"It's actually up to 4 more sales now today"

- Dave Dubeau, Founder of Results Enterprises Inc.


"Van is the guy who does it all the way. He goes the distance."

- Jason Eastwood, Founder of Guitarfulness


"Van exceeded my expectations. Will definitely work with him again in the future."

- Andrew Rampulla, Founder of Polis Marketing

Turn Low-Ticket Buyers Into 5-Figure Cash Windfall In 14 Days

Hey, it's Van Chow here.

I’m the person that coaches come to when they have a lot of low-ticket buyers didn't sign up for their premium offers.

I focus on one thing, and one thing only — speed up the sales process.

It's what allows you to multiply your profit in a shortest period.

The reason I can do that is because I developed a methodology called the "Profit Rescuer Campaign".

And it's specifically designed for selling high-ticket offers.

For the next 14-day sprint of our partnership…

We’ll turn your current low-ticket customers into 5-figure cash windfall with my unique Profit Rescuer Campaign.

Here's A 4-Step Process Of How We Roll Out Your Profit-Pumping Machine:

Step 1 - Offer Makeover

We’ll tweak your $1.5k+ offer to justify the value 2-3x more. My team will handle copywriting and positioning so you can ethically sell more.

Step 2 - Red Hot Lead Attraction

Using email, social post, and direct mail, we’ll craft pitches that pull in hand-raisers. No webinars or phone calls needed.

Step 3 - Hands-Free Enrollment

My enrollment team handles all of the sales conversations via email and chat. You don't need to Involve in the sales process. Just chill out.

Step 4 - Payday Joyride

We'll pop open the champagne together and celebrate as the money comes flooding into your bank account. Then we'll discuss scaling up or parting ways.

How Much And What's The Catch?

  • Zero upfront fee

  • I'll invest my time and resources to run your campaign

  • I'll personally bear any costs or losses

  • You cut me a slice of revenue only after the money is sitting in your bank account

“Love It, Keep Doing It”


“I Don’t Like It, I Leave”

We’ll become your profit generating asset and find the profit you couldn't make by yourself.

Not a liability.

We’ll run a small test campaign first.

You're free to leave after the test.

If you love the result after 14 days and you want us to keep doing it, we’re welcome.

In A Nutshell

PHASE 1: Reposition your offer to justify the value 2-3x more

PHASE 2: Deploy lead attraction campaign to pull in hand raisers

PHASE 3: Start enrolling premium clients into your program

PHASE 4: Celebrate and evaluate scaling up or parting ways

Perfect Partner Profile

Let’s talk if you meet these criteria:

  • Have been operating for 18+ months

  • 1k+ paying customer list

  • Offer multiple offer with at least one premium item (1.5k-60k)

  • Shine with a 5-star rep and deliver what you promise

  • Can handle 10-50 new clients each month

How To Get Started

  1. Click the button below and DM me on Facebook

  1. Share the details of your current situation

  1. I’ll let you know if we’re a good fit

  1. We set a date to start running your test campaign

And if you still have any questions, send me a message and we’ll talk.

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