Competition is rising. Your subscribers are clinging to their credit cards like a lifeline. Now this is your only way to turn them...

From Cold to Sold

Let Me Use The "Neuro Magnet" To Ethically Persuade Your Subscribers to Buy Now and Influence Them to Keep Buying Forever!

Making an extra 5-figure a month from your email list isn't a dream anymore, let's keep reading to find out more…

From the desk of Van Chow

Hong Kong

It’s true…

In today's noisy world, there's a new and different way to maximize the profit from your email list...

By leveraging a unique method called “Neuro Magnet”.

It’s much different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with... 

Because it will help you to build an unbreakable relationship with your subscribers by triggering their 7 core desires.

And as you’ll see, your audience will finally see the value you bring in and pull out their credit cards, and the process won't even take months.

Best part of all, you don’t need to write any emails or set up any automation in your autoresponder.

I'll handle all the work for you.

You just need to sit back, grab a cup of coffee and relax.

Every time you check your inbox, the Stripe/Paypal notifications will be full on the top pile.

It’s all ethical and genuine. No sleazy, pushy and misleading tactics.

Here’s the result from one of my clients, Dave Dubeau.

Before he partnered with me, his sales is inconsistent, someday is even 0 sales.

And this is the result when he partnered with me on the 2nd day:

4 sales on a $197 course in one day.

It’s not by luck, as you see the sales just keep flooding in:

And more…

Okay, let’s the end of the showoff lol.

So, if you want to multiply the profits from your email list, you need to pay attention to what I’m about to share with you.

The #1 reason why you can’t defeat your competitors is because of one thing

Your subscribers don’t understand the value of what you do.

That’s why they don’t buy your stuff and buy from your competitors.

Initially, they subscribed to your email list because they have a problem need to solve.

They need you.

But your message inside the emails didn’t connect with their desires…

Since everyone has shiny object syndrome, so they go for the brighter solution instead.

I know that’s tough…

You were pulling your hair out trying to come up with winning email ideas.

You’ve already “provide valve” in your emails to your subscribers.

But you still can’t connect with them in the way you want.

Well, that’s not your fault.

I want to let you know that…

The generic "provide value" will not move the buying decision

“How to (result) in x days”

“X tips to help you get (result)”

“The best way to (result)”


You might try to send these types of content in your emails.

That’s great. You’re good! You truly want to help people.

But the problem is you only focus on giving information.

The truth is, information is the least important thing your subscribers want.


Because nowadays information is everywhere.

If you go to YouTube and type any question on the search bar, it’s rare to see you didn’t find a guide to solve it.

If your subscribers only look for information, they don’t need you.

To trigger your subscribers’ buying decision, you must tap into their emotions and channel to their 7 core desires

It’s not about using what types of “fill in the blank” template and AI tools for your emails.

According to a reseach from Harvard Business School, 95% of purchase decisions are based on emotion first, and justify with logic after.

You must let the subscribers feel your solution is superior and different, so they can solve the problems in the way they want to feel.

The key is to sell what they want, not what you want to sell.

You need to channel these 7 core desires to move their buying decision:

  • Safe & in control

  • Accomplished

  • Connected & loved

  • Desired & beautiful

  • Invisible

  • Comfortable

  • Respected & admired

This is different from the other outdated marketing methods.

No big words, no bold claims, no fake urgency.

It’s a form of emotional response marketing.

This is my proprietary method called "Neuro Magnet".

It’s all about understanding human nature and communicating with them in an ethical way.

It's a repeatable and timeless strategy.

That’s how I produce such high sales numbers for my clients as I show at the beginning of the page.

By triggering your subscribers’ 7 core desires, that’s how you can turn them from cold to sold

So you may ask:

“How I can write these types of emails? I’m not a writer.”

Well, glad you ask.

I’m going to tell you…

You don’t need to write any emails or set up any automation in your autoresponders.

You don’t need to look at a blank screen and have no idea what the hell to write.

Now you simply sit back and wait for the Stripe/Paypal notifications to spam your inbox.

Because I’ll do all the work for you.

Hi, I’m Van Chow

I’ll help you to maximize the profits from your email list while building an unbreakable relationship with your subscribers.

I was a digital marketer specialist behind other agencies since 2020.

After working on all tasks including building funnels, writing copy, managing email list, running ads for years.

Now, I find my passion and focus on email marketing.

And due to my unique experience, I have a full visual of marketing and sale process.

I’m not those “email copywriters” who only can write emails on Google Doc.

Also, after studying human psychology and testing them in email campaigns, tested and tweaked for thousand times to figure out the winning strategy.

Now, I’m going to help you to multiply the profits from your email list with this effective strategy.

Here’s how it works

  1. Tell me what’s your offers - I'll help you reposition your offer to ethically convert ~30%  better for the same thing.

  1. I’ll audit your email list - To check the average open rate, deliverability, etc and see if there’s anything need to fix first.

  1. I’ll create your emails - After the market research, I’ll apply the "Neuro Magnet" method to craft emails and trigger your subscribers buying emotions.

  1. Optimize for the result - Not only celebrate the results together, but I’ll also check the stats and optimize the performance for even bigger results. 

Here’s what to expect by working with me

  • Your subscribers will love the emails I create for you. They will keep open and read your emails in the future.

  • Everything I do is to help you earn as much revenue as possible from your list… while giving your customers a great experience, so they keep coming back for more.

  • You may feel annoyed by the Stripe/PayPal notifications, since they'll show up more than usual.

  • I’ll bring my unique process of marketing research to bear on your market, your competitors are unlikely ever to match.

  • Finally, you can create an authentic experience to make your subscribers feel understood, valued, and inspired by the value that you bring in

  • Never struggle with annoying algorithms, outages, or other social pranks that hinder your reach and income.

  • You’ll have more time to do what you love. And never feel overwhelmed by managing all the moving parts in your business

  • It’ll give you unstoppable confidence in your business. Your friends and family are proud of what you do.

“Will this work for my business?”

If you are a:

  • Coach / Course creator / Personal brand:

  • Ecommerce business owner:

Then yes, this can work for you.

Who I'm looking for:

While I'd love to work with everyone, here's what I'm looking for in potential partners:

  • Your business has been operating for 18+ months. This offer is not for startups, it’s for someone who is looking for scale.

  • You have a 500+ customer list. If nobody buys your stuff, you need to fix your offer first, not the emails.

  • Your business is generating 6+ figures a year. I can’t build your business from scratch for you. Otherwise, I’d just build it for myself.

  • Your product/service must deliver on its promise. I don’t work with someone who doesn’t have real expertise.

  • You’re willing to let me manage your email list and write your emails, so you can enjoy your hands-free moment.

My “You Must Win” Guarantee

I’m sick of tired of those “vampire agencies” who suck others' money and didn’t deliver results.

It’s time to change.

When you work with me, if you don't get ROI within 2 months, I’ll give you the money back.

Maybe I'm not the best marketer in the world, but my clients have never lost a penny.

Ready to get started?

Your next step is simple.

Click the button below and complete the application form, I’ll reply back ASAP to set up a zoom call with you if I think I can help you.

Just to remind you, I can only handle 3-4 clients at the same time, first come first serve.

You can either keep your subscribers engaging, or let them ignore you and go to your competitors.

The choice is yours.

If you want to maximize the profits from your email list, click the button below and get started now.

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